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Voting: Purging, Packing, Cracking, Standing

Analysis of SCOTUS gerrymandering and voter purge decisions with Paul M. Smith, who argued two of the cases.

Slate Money
June 23 2018 2:02 AMThe It Depends on the Price of the Bonds EditionSlate Money on public transit, pregnancy, and Rwanda.
June 22 2018 10:42 AMDetained Without Trial: a History of Concentration CampsWhy the rhetoric being used about the detention centers along the border should alarm us.
I Have to Ask
June 22 2018 10:03 AMI Have to Ask: The James Wood EditionThe New Yorker literary critic on writing novels and reading bad men.
Political Gabfest
June 21 2018 6:25 PMThe “Wicked, Even for Trump” EditionPolitical Gabfest on family separation, the FBI’s role in the 2016 election, and Harvard’s admission policies.
Mom and Dad Are Fighting
June 21 2018 2:00 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Do More” EditionSlate’s parenting podcast on workplace discrimination against mothers and hiding your vices from your kids.
DoubleX Gabfest
June 21 2018 10:38 AMThe “Beyoncé and Her Husband” EditionThe Waves on Everything Is Love, family separation, and Cameron Esposito’s Rape Jokes.
The Gist
June 20 2018 7:11 PMQuitters Can’t Be LeadersThe U.S. shouldn’t leave the U.N. Human Rights Council. It should work to make it better.
The Good Fight Podcast
June 20 2018 12:46 PMPutin’s ScapegoatMeet the man who made it his life’s task to improve America’s relations with Russia—and ended up as a prime target of Putin’s ire.
June 20 2018 10:40 AMThe Reality of Family Separation and “Zero Tolerance”How the Trump administration’s policy is leaving its stain on America.
The Gist
June 19 2018 8:02 PMPolarization NationIt’s not just about the issues: Fear, competitiveness, and tribalism all make it harder for Democrats and Republicans to get along.
Hang Up And Listen
June 18 2018 5:52 PMHang Up and Listen: The 54 O’s EditionSlate’s sports podcast on the World Cup, golf’s U.S. Open, and soccer’s bribery scandal.
Slate Money
June 16 2018 2:01 AMThe House of Cards EditionSlate Money on Bad Blood, Netflix, and Just Capital
June 15 2018 6:43 PMManafort Goes to JailThe Trump campaign chairman started his day with a smile in a courthouse cafeteria and ended it behind bars.
Live at Politics and Prose
June 15 2018 12:20 PMLauren Groff’s FloridaLauren Groff reads from her new collection and talks about getting fan mail from President Obama.
Better Life Lab Podcast
June 15 2018 7:00 AMYour Work May Be Killing YouBragging about being overworked is not a badge of honor.
The Gist
June 22 2018 6:48 PMWho Needs Subtext, AnywayMelania Trump ditched subtlety and became a human billboard.
Live at Politics and Prose
June 22 2018 10:39 AMThe TerribleYrsa Daley-Ward reads from her poetic memoir, The Terrible, and recounts her childhood.
The Gist
June 21 2018 7:51 PMA Song You Can Graduate ToIt will probably be about war. Because life is a war. Here’s your diploma.
Studio 360
June 21 2018 4:27 PMRebels Without a PauseA revolutionary Public Enemy album turns 30, the history of protest art, and the Nancy comics reboot.
El Gabfest en Español
June 21 2018 10:48 AMDe Niños en Jaulas y Caos PeriodísticoWashington por fin oye la crítica nacional de la separación de niños inmigrantes y sus familias.
Better Life Lab Podcast
June 21 2018 8:00 AMHow to Take Summers Off and Still Get PromotedA true story from a work-life balance pioneer.
If Then
June 20 2018 4:28 PMShould Tech Companies Take a Stand Against Family Separation?Big Tech came out strong against the travel ban. Will it fight as hard to end family separation at the border?
Culture Gabfest
June 20 2018 11:15 AMThe Culture Gabfest “Unkindest Cut of All” EditionSlate’s Culture Gabfest on Hereditary, The Staircase, and Lend Me Your Ears.
Dear Prudence
June 20 2018 8:00 AMDear Prudence: The “Bullying Sister-in-Law” EditionMy brother married a woman who used to torment me growing up. How do I forgive her? Help!
The Gist
June 18 2018 8:39 PMOh, StephenIt’s hard to make the face of forced separation at the border look good.
June 17 2018 2:00 PMHow Does a New York City Archaeologist Do Her Job?In this episode of Working, we learn what’s buried under New York City.
The Gist
June 15 2018 7:24 PMThe Heisenberg PresidencyPresident Trump’s uncertainty principle is his only principle.
Hit Parade
June 15 2018 5:00 PMMusic Trivia: The MTV and Alt-Rock EditionSlate’s music history podcast is here to quiz you with some trivia.
I Have to Ask
June 15 2018 10:00 AMI Have to Ask: The Anthony Bourdain EditionThe late chef on his mistakes and the #MeToo movement, from an unaired 2017 conversation.
The Gist
June 14 2018 9:17 PMWhen Border Policy Crosses the LineMore than 11,000 children are in U.S. detention facilities since being taken from their migrant parents. Are tent cities next?